Tightening federal standards for truck emissions have led to higher pressure fuel systems, and that in turn, has increased the need for finer fuel filtration.  Fuel filters are now removing particules that are smaller than 1/10 the thickness of a human hair.  Filtering these tiny particules has the potential to reduce filter life.  One way filter manufacturers are combating this is with the use of “nanofiber” as the filtering agent.  These “nanofibers” are man-made material and can filter up to 10 times better than paper or cellulose. This increased filtering capacity can lead to filters needing to be changed more frequently than in the past.  This can be an annoyance but that is the job that the filters are designed for.  Purchasing high quality fuel will help extend filter life and prevent fuel system problems.


Posted: January 27, 2016 in Kenworth

KENWORTH is now offering an engine start/stop system on the T680.  The system will monitor a truck’s batteries state-of-charge and start the truck if the state-of-charge drops below a pre-defined level.  The truck will continues to run until the batteries are recharged.  There are numerous safety interlocks in place to keep the truck from starting.  A few of those are 1) if the hood is open  2)if the parking brake is not set   3)  if the driver door is open  4)  if the pto switch is enabled , and others.  There are also interrupts that will turn the engine off.  A few are   1) when the foot brake is pressed  2)  when the clutch pedal is pressed  3) if the ignition is turned on, and others.  Please contact the sales department at WALLWORK TRUCK CENTER  with any questions.


Posted: January 26, 2016 in Kenworth

KENWORTH now offers PREDICTIVE CRUISE CONTROL on the T680 and T880 models with both PACCAR and CUMMINS engines.  This system combines GPS technology with the cruise control feature we all are familiar with.  The GPS technology looks at upcoming terrain and will accelerate or decelerate to best improve fuel economy.  This innovative system will provide fuel savings without sacrificing trip time.  For more information contact any of our experienced salespeople.


Posted: January 22, 2016 in Kenworth

KENWORTH announces the availability of PREWIRE for the LYTX DRIVECAM system.  The LYTX system provides recorded, or live-feed, video of the cab interior.  Documented driver behavior can provide invaluable information of your drivers actions leading up to an accident.  Videos can also provide a basis for driver training that has potential for significant savings.  Ask any of our sales professionals for more information on this system.



Posted: January 19, 2016 in Kenworth

When KENWORTH introduced the T880 in 2013 the truck was meant as an addition to the popular T800, not as a replacement.  In only 6 short months orders for the T880 had surpassed orders for the T800.  This is quite amazing give the T880 hadn”t, and still hasn”t, been engineered into all the applications that the T800 has.  KENWORTH is continuing to add applications for the T880, so keep asking about the one you need.  With the 2.1 meter stamped aluminum cab, triple-seal doors with a new hinge system, and many other refinements, the T880 will remain a popular choice with truck owners for years to come.


Posted: January 15, 2016 in Kenworth

Over the last few years the stopping distance for new trucks coming off the assembly line has been reduced to 225′.  Many changes have been made to the new trucks to achieve this shortened distance.  One of the major contributors has been the use of RSD ( reduced stopping distance ) brake linings. These linings have been shown to resist fading in emergency stops.  When it is time to replace brake linings, be aware that some replacement linings will not stop your truck in the same distance as the OEM linings. Tests have shown that some aftermarket linings will extend the stopping distance to over 300′.  One way to keep the shortest stopping distance is to use the OEM linings at replacement time.


Posted: January 12, 2016 in Kenworth

Kenworth is now standard with the new MERITOR MFS STEER AXLE on all class 8 trucks except the W900L and the C500.  This axle is available in 12,500#, 13,200#, 14,600#, AND 20,000#  ratings. Some advantages of this new axle are:

  • up to a 55 degree turn angle
  • compatible with disc or drum brakes
  • up to a 60# savings over Meritor’s previous offering
  • forged I-BEAM construction
  • EASYSTEER technology that helps reduce steering effort

Contact any of our salespeople or MERITOR.COM for more information.