Auto Start Stop Temperature Monitoring provides limited sleeper climate conditioning (heat and cool) by starting and running the engine-powered HVAC when necessary.  If equipped, Sleeper Temperature Monitoring will utilize a fuel-fired heater to provide heat instead of starting the engine.  The temperature set point is operator-adjustable to a target temperature using a control mounted on the Sleeper Control Panel.   Sleeper Temperature Monitoring provides comfort while saving fuel-compared with idling during extended brakes- but does not provide the amount of idle reduction as the Kenworth Idle Management System.




Posted: March 12, 2018 in Kenworth

A powered auxiliary axle for road tractors from Hyliion, a recent start-up company, won the 2018 Jim Winsor Memorial Technical Achievement Award.  Called 6x4HE, the fuel-saving electric drive-axle system was selected from five finalists by a panel of truck writers, and presented March 7th during the Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting in Atlanta.  The electric axle, when added to a truck or tractor, acts as a hybrid system, capturing braking energy and converting it to electricity, then uses that energy to help launch the vehicle and propel it up hills, explained Thomas Healy, founder and CEO of Hyliion.  This relieves the engine of some of its usual work and thus saves fuel.  It also reduces wear on service brakes.  The 6x4HE, consisting of an axle, a motor-generator, a lithium-ion battery pack and electronic controls, can replace the second axle in a “live” tandem or be added to a 6×2 tandem to effectively turn the truck into a 6×4.  Through advanced GPS and terrain maps, the systems controllers can determine power or recharge settings to minimize fuel consumption or maximize charging opportunities while driving.  Another Hyliion hybrid-electric axle product is available for trailers.

The Davco 245 fuel filter is now available on Kenworth T270 and T370 models equipped with a Paccar PX-9 engine.  The Davco 245 filter replaces the 243 and 382 filter versions previously offered on medium duty models.  The Davco filter is available with a 12 volt preheat option to warm fuel and aid in cold weather starting.  It also features a clear, easy-to-remove cover so that the filter can be visually inspected and changed within 5 minutes.  When spec’ing the Davco 245, the filter will be mounted back of cab due to space constraints under the hood.

Kenworth Truck Company is offering a program with the National Joint Powers Alliance that expands sales opportunities for new Kenworth class 6-8 chassis to more than 50,000 NJPA members throughout the United States and Canada.  NJPA creates national cooperative contract purchasing solutions on behalf of its member agencies, which include government, education, and non-profit agencies.  Cooperative contract use is a growing trend for governmental purchases thanks to its competitively awarded contracts, simple process, and time and money saving benefits.  More information is available at  As part of the NJPA bid process, responses from truck manufacturing and supply companies are evaluated against multiple criteria to assure member agencies get the best value when making purchase decisions.  NJPA members interested in purchasing Kenworth trucks through this program can contact any of the sales professionals at Wallwork Truck Center at 800-937-3003.

Kenworth has released information on its latest green initiative, the Zero Emissions Cargo Transport.  The heavy-duty truck is a hydrogen fuel cell powered battery-electric vehicle, capable at this point of about 100 miles of travel fully loaded.  Kenworth plans to increase that in the future with the addition of greater hydrogen storage capacity.  The truck produces no emissions other than a small column of steam when the hydrogen fuel cell stack is charging the batteries.  It make no noise other than the cooling fans and the air compressor.  This truck will be deployed at a Los Angeles-based port drayage company, Total Transportation Services, Inc. at the end of March working at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  “We have another four to six weeks of testing planned before we take it to Los Angeles”, said Brian Lindgren, Kenworth’s research and development manager, “By then we fully expect it will be ready to haul loads in the real world.”  The powertrain on this truck is scaled for short-haul service, working at a drayage facility where it will run 30-50 miles per day.  Consequently, it has a fairly small hydrogen storage capacity, and batteries that can comfortably deliver speeds in the 30-50 mph range.  It will go much faster, according to Lindgren, but is limited for the testing phase.  “Our motors are rated at 420 kw or about 565 hp at a constant rate, but they will peak considerably higher,” he said.  “We are limiting the output to about 300 kw until we prove out the systems.”  The fuel cell system has a net output of 85 kw, but to run an 80,000-lb truck at 65 mph takes about 125 kw, so the truck isn’t set up for the highway.  But that doesn’t mean it lacks performance.  There’s enough power to maintain 30 mph on a 6% grade and to start on a 20% grade with 80,000 lb.  The system is powered by six compressed hydrogen storage tanks, each containing about 5 kilograms of hydrogen gas compressed to about 5000 psi.  The range of the truck is limited by the hydrogen capacity.  It has 100 kwh of capacity with about 80-90 kwh usable.  It takes about 2 kwh per mile to move the truck down the road, and 70% of the battery’s capacity would run the truck about 70 miles.  The present battery pack weighs about 5000 lbs.

Kenworth’s  T270 and T370 medium-duty truck models are now available with Dana Spicer S140 series single-drive axles, ranging from 16,000 to 21,000 pound GAWR.  The S140 series axles are designed for a range of applications and feature broad ratio coverage from 3.31 to 6.50.  The axles are designed with high-capacity gearing and bearing systems to provide better durability and reliability with higher horsepower and torque engines.  Standard “R” series spindles are used for ease of fit and commonality.  The S-140 axle design features GenTech extra-quiet gearing to reduce noise levels by up to 12 decibels versus standard gear designs and to provide a smoother ride.  The axle also offers a weight savings of up to 85 pounds compared to Dana P20060S axle.  “We continue to expand the product offering for the Kenworth T270 and T370,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.  “Our customers appreciate the opportunity to have more choices on key components when specifying their new T270 and T370.”

Kenworth is pleased to announce availability of Bendix Wingman Fusion and Side Object Detection System on the T270 and T370 models.  Bendix Wingman Fusion integrates radar, camera and brakes into a comprehensive driver assistance system.  Wingman Fusion includes: Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation Technology, Stationary Object Warning, Stationary Object Braking, Enhanced Collision Mitigation Braking, Over Speed Limit Warnings, Lane Departure Warning.