Eaton announced that it will discontinue their 15-speed Fuller Transmission effective December 20, 2018.  According to Eaton, the discontinuation is the result of customers moving toward Eaton’s more modern products with similar or better ratio and application coverage.  Customers desiring the 15-speed Fuller Transmission should contact Kenworth’s or Eaton’s application team to identify the proper transmission for their configuration and application.


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Kenworth announces that T680 and T880 models will now be built with Rain Ledge Deflectors on both the driver and passenger side windows.  These low-profile deflectors improve visibility in rainy conditions by reducing side window soiling.  The deflectors do not generate additional aerodynamic drag.

Kenworth announces that beginning December 10th the Wabco OnGuard display will be removed from the dash panel and integrated into the Driver Information Center on the K270 and K370 models.  The settings for Wabco OnGuard will be adjustable via the vehicle DIC controls.

Kenworth continues to deliver fuel economy enhancements with the introduction of the Paccar Powertrain Fuel Economy Package.  This package combines the fully integrated Paccar powertrain, including the Paccar MX-13 engine with a new 405-hp at 1650 lb-ft torque rating, Paccar 12 speed Automated Transmission, Paccar 40K tandem rear axle, and enhanced Kenworth predictive cruise control technology.  The Paccar Fuel Economy package will be available in the first quarter of 2019, according to an announcement.  The Paccar MX-13 engine features a new torques curve that further refines the engine’s fuel economy performance in line-haul and regional haul applications by lowering the engine’s horsepower rating while maintaining its torque.  “This combination maximizes fuel economy and offers excellent performance for our customers,” says Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.  “One of the bigger contributors is the deeply integrated predictive cruise control function, which varies the vehicle’s speed over rolling hills without reducing the vehicle average speed.  The transmission software is also optimized for the Paccar MX-13, allowing for lower engine RPMs at cruising speeds.  At Kenworth we’re continually researching ways to enhance spec’ing to find the best fuel economy combination available.  The new 405-horsepower rating is just one example.”

Kenworth has announced new colors and interior styling on its flagship on-highway Kenworth T680 and vocational Kenworth T880 models.  The new choices will also be available on the newly introduced W990.  The new color options will be available with both Diamond VIT and Vantage interiors on trucks produced starting in the new year.  “Our design team created some new color schemes that give our cabs a nice new refresh,” says Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.  “We’ve always built the World’s Best trucks, and that applies to our interior packages as well.  We’re excited about the new color combinations and expect they will further separate the Kenworth product from the competition in terms of quality, driver comfort and overall market appeal.”  The new colors include a black dash top and updated hydrographics accent trim panels.  The door trim panels are updated to match, providing a nice contrast.  Seats undertook the biggest visual change with new seat color and pattern options.  Seat covering choices – standard cloth, Durasupreme, Ultraleather, and leather – are now available in slate gray or tan.  Trim accent colors are offered in two trim levels, Diamond VIT and Vantage, both in slate gray or tan color options.


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Kenworth is adding a factory-installed twin steer configuration to its T880S vocational model.  The Kenworth T880S Twin Steer features a set-forward front axle with a 61-inch axle spread to maximize payload.  The Kenworth T880S offers a very short 114-inch BBC.  This allows larger bodies to be installed farther forward and closer to the cab, according to an announcement.  “Kenworth continues to expand the excellent diversity of the T880 platform.  The T880S Twin Steer is the next step in that evolution,” says Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.  The 61-inch axle spread enable customers in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia to get a factory built T880S Twin Steer that meets Wester Canadian tandem axle requirements, specifically for ready-mix application.  It also means that the Kenworth T880S chassis can be upfitted much faster, saving between three and six weeks in delivery times to the body builder.  For customers in the United States, the T880S will address applications such as ready mix, block trucks, cranes, and concrete pumpers.  Depending on the detailed specs, as well as federal and state bridge laws, the T880S can handle 1,500 or more pounds of additional payload as compared to a non set-back twin steer.  The Kenworth T880S Twin Steer’s front axles are rated at 40,000lb.  The front end components, including axles, springs, and steering gears are shared with non-twin steer T880S.  The front suspension is “equalized” between the front and rear steer axles for greater driver comfort and payload distribution between the two.  The T880S offers the Paccar MX-11 and Paccar MX-13 engines up to 510-hp with torque up to 1,850 lb-ft.  An Allison automatic transmission is available when ordered with Paccar wide or standard track front axles.