CATERPILLAR is discontinuing production of on-highway trucks.  In 2011, CAT, in conjunction with NAVISTAR, started manufacturing vocational trucks for the on-highway market.  While CAT has discontinued production, they will continue to support the trucks currently on the road.  CAT was intending to produce trucks at a plant in Victoria, Texas.  CAT officials say the timing of the decision was right as starting production and stopping later would have been more difficult.


Posted: April 19, 2016 in Kenworth

East Manufacturing has opened a new, highly automated manufacturing facility at the company’s headquarters in Randolph, Ohio as part of its growth strategy.  The 73,000-square-foot building, the largest single building in the company’s history, will accelerate trailer production capability for it’s customers.  The facility will have the capacity to produce 2,000 trailers annually and will require 75 more employees per shift when fully operational.  ” After 18 months of dedicated work by many individuals, we are excited to open the doors of this new production facility in Randolph,” said Dave de Poincy, president of East.  “With record levels of production, it will enable us to maximize our efficiency and reduce our backlog.”

The facility was designed for production efficiency and quality, streamlining the manufacturing process and incorporating technologies such as robotic equipment, automated production processes and a material handling system.  The robotic equipment will serve as parts placers, while robotic welders in beam and side rail construction areas will ensure output and consistent results for weld quality.  Each trailer will be secured to a rotator and move through a series of work stations, allowing it to be rotated into any position.  This method will give better access to difficult-to-weld  areas and be more ergonomically correct for workers.

In addition to manufacturing, the new facility will house parts inventory, allowing more accessibility to frequently needed trailer parts.  It will also provide 10,000 square feet of space for material storage of oversized flat steel and aluminum material that is typically housed outside where it is exposed to the elements.

The facility also includes an eight-bay mounting center, with two bays dedicated to truck body installation and six bays for trailer body mounting.  The opening of the new mounting bays allows East to reduce congestion within other East dump trailer departments, increasing efficiency and accommodating more trailer output.

Please contact any of our salespeople for more information on these outstanding trailers and truck bodies.


Posted: April 13, 2016 in Kenworth

Kenworth has a new design for the partial chassis fairing on a T680.  This fairing extends  from the under-cab fairing back toward the rear axle, but does not completely fill that area.  The new design is more aerodynamic, providing fuel savings.  This fairing leaves room for a customer installed APU.  Additionally, an under-sleeper fuel fill is available, possibly allowing for a shorter wheelbase on the tractor.  The new fairing is lighter weight and lower cost than the earlier design.


Posted: March 31, 2016 in Kenworth

FORD F650 and F750 models are now available with engines and transmissions built by FORD.  The 6.7l Power Stroke V8 Turbo is available in 270hp, 300hp and 330hp versions.  The torque rating for the Power Stroke goes from 675lb/ft to 725lb/ft.  Warranty to 5 year/250,000 miles is available on the engine.  Also available in the F650 is a 6.8l V-10 gas engine.  FORD is the only manufacturer in this class to offer a gas engine option.  All engines are matched with the FORD- built 6 speed TORQSHIFT automatic transmission.  This is a wide ratio transmission available with or without a PTO provision.  DANA provides axles for the F650 and F750 in ratings from 8500# to 14,000# for the steer axle and 17,500# to 26,000# for the drive axle.  Call Mike or Shane to ask about these user-friendly trucks.


Posted: March 29, 2016 in Kenworth

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing new rules to strengthen rear impact guards on trailers.  The new rules would raise the impact speed for which smaller vehicles, such as cars, are protected from underriding a trailer from 30mph to 35mph.  NHTSA believes many trailer manufacturers are currently building trailers that do conform to the 35 mph speed but want to require this for all manufacturers.


Posted: March 25, 2016 in Kenworth

VNOMICS CORPORATION has released a system call TRUE FUEL SOLUTIONS.  This system is designed to improve fuel economy through real-time driver coaching.  The system can be mounted under, or on top of, the dash with a cable connection to the vehicle’s diagnostic port.  As the truck moves down the road, TRUE FUEL monitors the actual fuel economy and compares that to the potential fuel economy.  The driver is given audio alerts for improper shifting, speeding, and idling.  At the end of a trip a score is given to the driver comparing his fuel economy to the potential fuel economy for that trip.  Check with our parts staff for a quote on TRUE FUEL.


Posted: March 24, 2016 in Kenworth

KENWORTH TRUCK COMPANY has offered natural gas engines in some truck models for many years.  Those offerings are now expanded with the CUMMINS  ISX-12G being available in the W900S.  the ISX-12G is available in horsepower ratings from 320hp to 400hp.  All ratings are at 1450lb-ft of torque.  The engine is available with an engine brake and can be paired with both manual and automatic transmissions.  The ISX-12G is built on the same platform as the ISX-12 diesel engine and share many of the same parts.  The ISX-12G requires no diesel particulate filter or selective catalytic reduction.  Compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas or renewable natural gas can be used as fuel for the ISX-12G.  Call any of our sales professionals for more information.