Great Dane P-101 Van Delivers More at 2011 TMC Exhibition

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Fargo Trailer Center, Northwest Truck & Trailer
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Media release from 2/8/2011

Lightweight, High Cube Van Offers Multiple Reduced Maintenance Options

SAVANNAH, GA – In recent economic times, getting the most return on an investment has been a chief concern, and for its customers, Great Dane offers an extensive product line to address these needs. Of those products, the one on display in Booth #1456 at the Technology and Maintenance Council 2011 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition February 8 – 11 in Tampa, Fla., is a high-cube P-101 dry freight van that promises solid value and peace of mind.

The trailer, courtesy of Great Dane customer USA Truck, is lightweight in addition to its nominal inside width of 101” to offer more capacity than traditional sheet and post trailers. In addition, multiple cargo securement options are available with logistic posts, which are roll-formed from heavy duty galvanized steel, located on 16” centers.

Of the multiple reduced maintenance features on this trailer is the bright white, snag-free interior, which is resilient and provides superior puncture-resistance. The heavy duty plastic lining runs full height and is secured to the logistic posts using Great Dane’s unique “hook” design that does not require mechanical fasteners.

This helps decrease damage to both cargo and the trailer. Yet, in the event replacement is required, the simple sheet-and-post construction of the P-101 eliminates the need for special repair.

Further enhancing the already durable dry freight van on display include CorroGuard, Great Dane’s exclusive spray-in-place thermoplastic elastomeric coating that completely covers sub-frames and landing gear, providing unmatched impact protection from road abrasion to combat corrosion.

Another option to boost the return on investment is Hendrickson’s TIREMAAX automatic tire inflation system, which automatically monitors and maintains proper inflation levels to both extend tire life and increase fuel efficiency.

In addition to Great Dane’s booth exhibit, members of the manufacturing and engineering staff along with company experts in sales, parts and service will be available to assist attendees.


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