ATA endorses e-log requirement

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Wallwork Truck Center
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Published April, 07 2011

The American Trucking Associations on Thursday, April 7, announced that its membership has endorsed a policy supporting federal laws and regulations that would require trucking companies to use electronic logging devices to monitor driver hours-of-service. “ATA has always been in favor of strong enforcement of safety rules and regulations,” says Bill Graves, ATA president and chief executive officer. “This new policy just underlines that support.”

Graves says the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s safety monitoring program, Compliance Safety Accountability, shows a link between compliance with the current hours-of-service rules and carrier safety performance. “In addition to showing that the current hours-of-service rules are working, that data shows us that increasing compliance with those rules will further improve trucking’s already impressive safety record,” he says.

While ATA’s new policy expresses support for an electronic logging mandate, ATA believes any regulation or law also should address several issues, including:
• Cost-effective device specifications allowing for accurate recording of driving hours;
• Data ownership and access in order to protect the privacy of fleets and drivers alike; and
• Relief from the current burden of retaining additional supporting documentation.

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