ND Oil Boom, Causes Big Boom

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Kenworth, Wallwork Truck Center
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10 Facts about the Oil Boom in western, North Dakota
  1. Currently there are a total of 84 companies involved in the oil industry in western, ND.
  2. It takes between 2000 and 2200 semi loads of water per well. There are currently 258 wells in progress with so many scheduled it is hard to determine the exact amount.
  3. Rent in Williston currently is $2000 for a one bedroom to $3400 for a three bedroom.
  4. They have no more hookups for campers anywhere in the area.
  5. Williams County allows three campers per farmstead, the farmers almost all have three campers on their property and are charging $800 per camper per month for rent.
  6. On 1-1-12, the Williston Wal Mart had 148 campers overnight in their parking lot.
  7. The Williams County Jail has increased booking by 150%. With a 100% increase in inmate population. Bonds of $5K to $10K are typically paid with cash out of pocket. The Williams County Sheriff states that a couple of weeks ago he received a $63,000 bond in cash carried into the jail in a plastic Wal Mart bag.
  8. 8. The Williston McDonalds just announced that they will pay $15 an hour, a $500 immediate sign on bonus and a single medical plan paid for.
  9. The local Motel 6 in Williston now rents rooms for $129.95 per night.
  10. Williston General Motor’s dealership has now become the number one seller of Corvettes in the upper Midwest.

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