NationaLease Releases Emergency Road Service App

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Kenworth

NationaLease released its Emergency Road Service Mobile App which gives drivers access to the service through smartphones and tablets. The app was created in a matter of weeks using the Snappii Mobility Platform which requires no code produce apps, the company says.

The app accesses NationaLease’s 600 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada to provide drivers with emergency road service, fuel and substitute vehicles. Additional roadside assistance is provided by National Road Rescue over the phone.

Snappii created its platform to enable businesses to make their own apps without needing to write code or use advanced programing languages like Objective-C or Java. This removes the need for a longer development process and lets businesses more quickly produce apps for services.

NationaLease has a customer fleet of more than 125,000 vehicles and trailers.

“Emergency Road Service is very important to our customers,” said Jane Clark, vice president of member services at NationaLease. “By using Snappii’s mobility platform, we are now able to give drivers instant access through their smartphones and tablets.”

NTLS_2CLR_POS [Converted]


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