Posted: February 1, 2016 in Kenworth

Tightening federal standards for truck emissions have led to higher pressure fuel systems, and that in turn, has increased the need for finer fuel filtration.  Fuel filters are now removing particules that are smaller than 1/10 the thickness of a human hair.  Filtering these tiny particules has the potential to reduce filter life.  One way filter manufacturers are combating this is with the use of “nanofiber” as the filtering agent.  These “nanofibers” are man-made material and can filter up to 10 times better than paper or cellulose. This increased filtering capacity can lead to filters needing to be changed more frequently than in the past.  This can be an annoyance but that is the job that the filters are designed for.  Purchasing high quality fuel will help extend filter life and prevent fuel system problems.


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