Posted: July 7, 2016 in Kenworth
  1.  USE DATA TO IDENTIFY POSSIBLE PROBLEMS.  If you suspect a truck is having MPG problems, schedule a fuel economy check.  This includes valve and overhead adjustment, air filter check, alignment, and fuel flow.
  2. TAKE CARE OF YOUR TIRES.  Maintaining correct air pressure in tires equates to fuel savings.  For every 10psi of under-inflation, a 10% reduction in fuel economy can result.  Improper wheel alignment can rob fuel efficiency by creating rolling resistance and also cause premature tire wear.
  3. CHANGE YOUR OIL.  Too little or too much engine oil can create more friction and rob power.  Clean oil lubricates better than dirty oil, so pay attention to oil change intervals.  Explore the use of lower viscosity oils to improve fuel economy.
  4. LET THE ENGINE BREATHE.  A restricted air intake system or exhaust system will decrease engine power.  Check components at regular PMs and fix any leaks.  These leaks can be particularly hard to find, as leaking air is not as noticeable as fuel or oil, but their repair will improve engine operation and fuel efficiency.
  5. MAINTAIN ENGINE COOLING FAN.  The main engine cooling fan requires a lot of power to operate on today’s hotter-running, lower-emissions engines.  Ensure the fan clutch is operating correctly so the fan runs only when needed.
  6. CLEAN DPFs REGULARLY.  Clean diesel particulate filters improve fuel economy by about 2 to 3%.  Somewhere around 200,000 miles is a good time to clean these filters.
  7. MAINTAIN AERO DEVICES.  The money you spend on aerodynamic trucks and trailer aero devices can be wasted if they are not working right.   Always maintain the devices, whether they came with the tractor or are add-ons.  Replace or repair them as soon as possible.

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