Posted: August 30, 2016 in Kenworth

Trailer manufacturers are the first companies serving the trucking industry that will have to meet provisions of the new federal green-house-gas rule.  The final rule issued August 16th by EPA and the NHTSA  said a trailer is “an integral part of the tractor-trailer vehicle which significantly contributes to the emissions and fuel consumption of the tractor.”  The phased-in trailer portion of the rule begins in 2018, whereas truck and engine makers won’t see mandates until 2021.  The 2018 segment institutes standards for 53′ dry and refrigerated vans that can be met “with common tire technologies and Smartway-certified aerodynamic devices and standards for the other regulated trailers based on tire technologies only.”  The rule said trailers should contribute to fuel economy and lower emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in three stages, 5% in 2021, 7% in 2024, and 9% in 2027-all based on comparisons with a 2017 baseline.  EPA and NHTSA also offered cost projections, saying the additions will probably add about $860 to the cost of a 2021 trailer, $1,015 to the cost of a 2024 trailer, and $1,090 to the cost of a 2027 trailer, -all compared with 2017 levels.


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