Posted: December 8, 2016 in Kenworth

Great Dane has added the Jost AX150 Alumilight landing gear and a sliding suspension option to its Freedom XP all-aluminum flatbed trailer.  The features were added as a result of Great Dane’s collaboration with supply partners to improve the company’s equipment.  The Jost AX150 Alumilight landing gear is an aluminum hybrid series for a maximum static load rating 0f 160,000 pounds and a rated lift capacity of 55,000 pounds.  An all-aluminum extruded upper leg and high-strength, low-alloy steel lower leg provides strength and savings.  The landing gear has silicone-sealed steel covers and a polyester-coated HSLA steel lower leg that provides protection from harsh road conditions and chemicals for added corrosion resistance and durability.  The AX150 Alumilight series includes a 10-year low maintenance warranty.  “We are continually working to enhance the features and capabilities of our products by adopting new technologies and working with suppliers to improve product features” sad Roger Roach, director, Freedom  Product Engineering.  Great Dane’s new rear axle sliding, front axle fixed suspension option is now available on the 53-foot Freedom XP flatbed.  The sliding suspension can be moved from the widespread position to close the tandem distance and be California-legal.  The distance from the king pin to the center line of the rear axle can be 480 inches in the forward position, 492 inches in the middle position or 540 inches in the rear position.  The axle separation distance can be 61 inches, 73 inches, or 121 inches.


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