Posted: March 15, 2017 in Kenworth

Great Dane is adding features to its Everest refrigerated trailer line to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians, and the integrity of cold-chain custody.  The announcement was made at the 2016 International Foodservice Distributors  Assn. solutions conference.  ” The Great Dane Everest reefer features the most advanced void-free insulation foaming process, premium liners, and modular panel construction”, according to the company.  “There is no wood in the trailer.  These features provide industry-leading thermal efficiency and a safer, more sanitary cargo container.”  For interior protection, the ThermoGuard liner helps maintain insulation performance for the life of the trailer.  Made with a proprietary barrier layer, ThermoGuard reduces cooling runtime, helps maintain excess cooling capacity, and reduces fuel consumption, so cargo will stay at the right temperature, the company added.  In addition, the company said the floor design protects cargo from underneath and helps ensure proper temperatures.  The 16,000-lb-rated aluminum duct floor is welded to seal out moisture, and the composite floor sills are engineered for durability and defense against moisture intrusion.  For additional security and monitoring, Great Dane and ASA Electronics have introduced a rear-mounted camera with an embedded microphone to give drivers increased awareness of the action behind their rigs on the road, in parking lots, and during docking maneuvers.  Drivers will be able to see 22 feet behind the trailer with this system.  Additionally, the camera adds 8 1/2 feet of visibility in each lane adjacent to the trailer, creating a path of rearward sight that is a full 26 feet wide.


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