Posted: March 17, 2017 in Kenworth

Paccar has announced it is teaming up with American technology company Nvidia to develop an autonomous vehicle solution.  The collaboration represents the latest effort for a technology company to enter the self-driving truck market that also includes entries from Google, Uber, and several others.  Nvidia is know for making graphics processing units for the PC gaming market and as a chip maker for mobile computing.  With Paccar, the two companies developed a proof-of-concept self-driving truck with Level 4 capability built on the Nvidia Drive PX 2 technology.  Level 4 capability is defined as a system that completely drives itself.  The collaboration was announced by Nvidia founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at the Bosch Connected World conference in Berlin, Germany.  At the conference, Huang showed a video of the Paccar self-driving concept on a closed course, handling a wide range of situations without a driver.  The Nvidia Drive PX 2 is an artificial intelligence car computing platform that is designed to examine in real time what is happening around a vehicle, locate itself on a map and plot a safe path based on that information.  The technology combines sensors, cameras, and deep computer learning.


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