Posted: May 18, 2017 in Kenworth

Penray’s Headlight Restoration Kit 8405 is a two-step treatment to return a clear finish to headlight covers that have developed fading, yellowing, or glazing.  The kit includes two steps for restoration, prep, and protect.  Penray’s Lens Prep lotion wipes away dirt and grime from headlight covers with a brief side to side wiping action.  The preparation ends with wiping the prep material off with an alcohol wipe which is supplied in the kit.  The Protect step consists of two spray coats of Penray’s lens coating across each headlight lens.  After spraying, wipe off any overspray and it’s done.  Lense will look clear and be protected by the protectant, which bonds to the lens.  There is no requirement for sanding, special tools or the use of ultraviolet lighting.  Penray’s Headlight Restoration Kit 8405 is effective on all modern polycarbonate and plastic headlights and headlight covers.  Each kit restores two headlights, and the product is covered by a one-year warranty.


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