Posted: June 13, 2017 in Kenworth

Cummins has released the Guidanz mobile app, allowing users to read prioritized engine fault codes and other key engine information from a vehicle.   The Guidanz app offers critical information about Cummins 2007 and later on-highway engines and Tier 3 and later off-highway engines.  The information can be emailed to an operations manager, service providers or a Cummins Care representative directly from the app to initiate the service process.  The Immediate Assessment feature of the Guidanz app is available to certified service providers to help improve shop scheduling.  As providers begin to adopt Immediate Assessment in the coming months, they will not only be able to read the fault code, but assess the severity of the fault, how quickly it can be repaired, what repair parts are likely needed, and start a work order before a customer enters the service bay.  To operate, the Guidanz app must be paired with an Inline mini Bluetooth adapter or Inline 7 and requires and IOS or Android device.  Though the Guidanz mobile app requires a smart phone or tablet to operate, it will still function when the device is offline.  Customers are provided a list of fault codes regardless of connectivity, so even when operating in remote locations customers are still able to access enough information to call operations managers or service providers.


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