Posted: May 10, 2018 in Kenworth

The Trailer Tail Automatic from Stemco Products is the newest version of its signature Trailer Tail.  It deploys automatically when the trailer reaches 35mph, eliminating the need for driver involvement.  It retracts on its own when the vehicle stops or goes into reverse, so drivers won’t have to leave the truck to close it before parking or backing into a dock.  Closing the Trailer Tail only when the vehicle comes to a full stop reduces the number of cycles the unit has to go through, minimizing component wear and tear.  Also, if the trailer loses power, the Trailer Tail will automatically close, allowing access to the cargo.  “Every trip is an opportunity for the Trailer Tail Automatic to deliver fuel savings.  We know that truck drivers have many responsibilities, and Trailer Tail Automatic eliminates the need for drivers to open or close the Trailer Tail,” said Prashanth Kamath, segment business leader for ITMS at Stemco.  “It also ensures that fleets realize an average of 5% fuel savings, and maintenance managers don’t have to deal with damage to Trailer Tail or dock doors due to drivers forgetting to close the Trailer Tail.”  The Trailer Tail Automatic receives speed and direction signals from Stemco’s wheel-mounted TracBat Aero speed sensor.  The TracBat is based on existing Stemco DataTrac and TracBat electronic hubodometers.


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