Transfer Flow has released an aftermarket replacement fuel tank for the F-450 Super Duty short bed, crew cab diesel truck.  The hot-dipped aluminum alloy steel tank nearly doubles the original useable fuel capacity, storing a total of 60 gallons.  The tank was designed and built with 12-gauge aluminized steel for better strength and corrosion resistance.  It was designed with exterior fuel lines and a relocated fuel water separator to make the most of the available chassis space, according to Transfer Flow.  The system comes with a full installation kit to get the heavy-duty tank mounted and ready for the road.  “Our goal when engineering the new 60-gallon tank was to increase the fuel capacity as much as possible while maintaining the durability and integrity of the truck,” said Todd LaPlant, director of engineering.  “The 2017 Ford Super Duty is an elite truck that is unbelievably capable, so it will easily be the truck of choice for many who are towing fifth wheels and those needing to get into the backcountry.  We’ve designed a replacement tank that extends both the luxury and brute strength of the vehicle even further.”

Penray’s Headlight Restoration Kit 8405 is a two-step treatment to return a clear finish to headlight covers that have developed fading, yellowing, or glazing.  The kit includes two steps for restoration, prep, and protect.  Penray’s Lens Prep lotion wipes away dirt and grime from headlight covers with a brief side to side wiping action.  The preparation ends with wiping the prep material off with an alcohol wipe which is supplied in the kit.  The Protect step consists of two spray coats of Penray’s lens coating across each headlight lens.  After spraying, wipe off any overspray and it’s done.  Lense will look clear and be protected by the protectant, which bonds to the lens.  There is no requirement for sanding, special tools or the use of ultraviolet lighting.  Penray’s Headlight Restoration Kit 8405 is effective on all modern polycarbonate and plastic headlights and headlight covers.  Each kit restores two headlights, and the product is covered by a one-year warranty.

For the first time in company history, Cummins has officially endorsed a fuel additive, recommending two POWER SERVICE products, Diesel Kleen+Cetane Boost and Diesel Fuel Supplement+Cetane Boost.  The announcement came after Cummins conducted internal testing and concluded that both products meet Cummins requirements.  These are the first fuel additive products that the company has ever officially recommended in the marketplace, according to the company.  “In recent years, diesel fuel quality has become increasingly important as engines evolve and the diesel fuel manufacturing processes change,” said Roger England, director of technical quality and materials engineering for Cummins.  ” The Power Source Diesel Kleen and Diesel Fuel Supplement additives provide easily accessible solutions with proven technology to customers in the field when they encounter challenges with their fuel such as poor lubricity, low cetane numbers, low-temperature operability issues, injector deposits, etc.”  Power Service Diesel Kleen+Cetane Boost is designed to be used as a year-round performance enhancer.  The company said it can clean dirty injectors, prevent injector sticking, smooth rough-running engines, and improve fuel economy.  Diese Fuel Supplement+Cetane Boost is recommended for use in winter months when temperatures drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is a winterizer/anti-gel used to prevent fuel gelling and keep fuel filters from plugging with ice and wax.

Ford has updated its F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks with performance and service improvements for the 2018 model-year.  Electronic stability control and traction control brakes are now standard on 2018 F-650 and F-750 tractor models.  The system will initially be optional on certain F-750 diesel air-braked straight trucks with high-center-of-gravity-body upfits.  Also added for 2018 is a new high-output 240-amp alternator available with the 6.8L V-10 gas powertrain.  Designed for applications with high electrical demands, the higher output alternator eliminates the need to specify a second alternator or generator to power auxiliary lights and equipment.  An optional automatic regeneration inhibitor is being offered on 2018 diesel trucks to give the operator more control over when the engine goes into regeneration to clean the diesel particulate filter.  The soot trap regeneration inhibitor allows a driver to postpone incinerating trapped soot until it can be performed in a preferred location.  To limit potential hood wear and front-end collision damage, a new bumper extension moves the full-width front bumper from flush with the grille to three inches in front of it.  It provides added protection to the grille and components behind it in case of a collision, potentially reducing repair costs.  Lastly, the old transmission fluid dipstick has been relocated on 2018 F-650 and F-750 diesel and gas engine trucks to be accessible from ground level.  “The success of our new truck design is apparent from our growing sales and the fact it was named Medium-Duty Truck of the Year by  Work Truck magazine in 2016 and 2017,” said Kevin Koester, Ford’s medium-duty truck and Super Duty fleet marketing manager.  “For 2018, we’re enhancing this successful platform based on customer feedback.”

The Meritor Wabco OnGuardActive radar-based safety system is now available as an option on Kenworth T680 and  T880 models.  The safety system features forward collision warning, collision mitigation, and adaptive cruise control.  The system measures the truck’s position in relation to other vehicles and objects, detects moving. stopped, or stationary vehicles ahead, and uses audible, visual, and short brake pulse warnings to alert the driver of causing a possible rear-end collision.  OnGuardActive is also capable of applying brakes when appropriate to help avoid or mitigate a rear-end collision.  “Meritor Wabco’s OnGuardActive safety system is an important, new option for our on-highway and vocational flagships, the T680 and T880, Kenworth’s two most technologically advanced vehicles,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.  “Kenworth continues to introduce systems that can help drivers maintain a safe distance, mitigate collisions and operate in rapidly changing and challenging road conditions.”


Posted: April 26, 2017 in Kenworth

Following is a recap of an article in COMMERCIAL CARRIER JOURNAL written by Jason Cannon on his T880S test drive      The T880S, at its core, is a T880 with some added features that improve upon the W900S model it likely will replace.  Kenworth’s venerable W900S was practically purpose-built for mixer operations but adaptable enough to find its way in a variety of vocational applications.  The T880S was designed with more flexibility right off the assembly line, makin upfitting easier, more customizable and more streamlined.  The truck is available with a 114-inch BBC –  about 6 inches shorter than the W900S – and a best-in-class 28-inch bumper setting.  The T880S’s bumper setting is especially important in spec’ing a chassis that is compliant with the Federal Bridge Formula.  More typical for dump applications, a 29.5-inch bumper setting is also available, as is a 31.5-inch sturdy box bumper.  Truck operators can spec mixer-tapered (114-inch BBC), dump-tapered (115.5-inch BBC) or straight box bumpers (117.5-inch BBC) in a variety of finishes and materials, and removable cast center-mounted tow hooks are available depending on bumper selection.  The T880S comes standard with a Paccar MX-13 engine that kicks out 510 hp and 1850 lb-ft of torque.  The EPA 17 MX-13 powering my dump truck model was powerful and flexed serious muscle hauling 10 tons of sand around southern Ohio.  The Eaton Ultrashift Plus really shined in stop-and-go traffic, effortlessly dragging 20,000 pounds of material around surface roads and the highway.  For the weight-sensitive – like mixer applications –  a 400-pound lighter MX-11 engine will give you 430hp and 1650 lb-ft of torque.  By dropping a little weight under the hood, customers can pick up a couple more yards of concrete.  The Allison 4700 seven-speed automatic transmission in my test truck was smooth and comfortable, making runs to and from the jobsite for more payload far less taxing on the driver.  The cab is a marked improvement over the legacy W900S.  It’s larger, more comfortable, and quieter.  With a 3.6-inch lower hood crown than the W900S, the T880S enhances visibility with up to four feet additional ground visibility, and its panoramic view is remarkably noticeable from the driver’s seat.  The new T880S is available with a set-forward front axle ranging from 14,600 to 22,800 pounds.  Single, tandem, or tridem drive axles and a wide variety of factory installed lift axles are among a range of options available, and the T880S also features clear back-of-cab options that make it easy to configure the truck body.  A newly-styled complex reflector halogen headlight provides a projector beam lighting performance, and a polycarbonate lens and UV inhibitor offers extended life.  Basically, the headlights are the same as what you’ll find on the T880: they’re just designed upside down to allow for tire clearance.  The truck’s five-piece hood, made from a lightweight material, that Kenworth says is tougher and more durable than fiberglass, is borrowed from the T880, along with bolt-on fenders the company says can be replaced in under two hours in the event of a body repair. As Kenworth works toward ushering out the W900S, a model that’s been a vocational staple for almost a generation, it make sense to do so with some of the designs and technologies that have made the T880 a success.  The switch, to-date, has been well received.  About 800 are currently on order, and the backlog log is filled thru June, with many of those customers being W900S converts.


Mike Burns has been the Fords Sales Manager at Wallwork Truck Center Fargo, ND for 15 years

As Ford F-Series celebrates 40 years (1977-2017) of being the #1 best-selling truck in America.  The 2017 Ford F-450 and F-550 trucks, have significant advancements and improvements.  Our cabs for 2017, are all aluminum in the regular, super cab and crew cab.  My customers will be glad they are also bigger and more comfortable as far.  As power and pulling, Ford chassis’ cabs have some “great News” the in the engine compartment too.  The 6.8L V-10 gas now has a 6 speed auto overdrive transmission standard.  I’m glad to see our next generation 6.7L Ford power stroke diesel, has 30 more horse power and 90 pounds more torque.  Along with the 6 speed auto overdrive transmission, which makes this Ford’s best, strongest most powerful chassis cab in history.  Extra horse power and torque that customer seem to like.