TireVigil Cloud’s TPMS 2.0 is designed to continuously monitor tire sensor component health and detect problems with tire sensors, external tire pressure monitoring system receivers, and in-cab electronic equipment.  When a problem is detected, maintenance personnel are made aware of it in the TireWatch servicing app, which lists vehicles requiring attention, and a summary of equipment issues across the fleet is provided.  This app also provides tools to enable technicians to easily diagnose and correct equipment problems.  In addition to the TireWatch app, all outstanding equipment issues are listed on the Active Issues report so they can be included in a fleet’s daily service scheduling.  Those not resolved within a week are listed in the equipment maintenance report that is run weekly and keeps track of the length of time equipment issues have been outstanding.  The vehicle unit number, the issue, the date the problem started, and the last know location of the vehicle is provided in this report, which prioritizes them by the length of time they have remained unresolved.



Posted: June 19, 2018 in Kenworth

Kenworth is pleased to announce new standard track options for the 20,000-lb and 22,000-lb Paccar proprietary front axle lineup, available for order with Kenworth vocational and medium duty models starting July 2, 2018.  The Paccar front axle enhances vehicle payload-carrying capability and compliments the performance of Paccar’s MX-11 and MX-13 engines.  The axle uses a tapered kingpin roller bearing, which simplifies the design and delivers enhanced steering efficiency.  The Paccar front axle offers steering angles up to 50 degrees and has a 5 year or 750,000 mile warranty.  In the future, the standard and wide track versions of the Paccar axle with air disc brakes will utilize an integrated knuckle.  The knuckle will provide cost and weight savings over comparable axles on the market.

Company Highlight

Posted: May 22, 2018 in Kenworth


Bob Terry became the new Parts Manager in August of 2015 for the Fargo Wallwork location.

Bob Terry joined Wallwork Truck Center in 1996 as a parts runner. Bob’s first promotion in the company was to the warehouse, then eventually moved to the back counter supplying the service department. Bob then moved into phone sales position after a short tenure at Wallwork Truck Center subsidiary Northwest Truck &Trailer.

Bob is originally from Grandin, ND where he went to school at Cass Valley North. Bob currently lives in West Fargo with his wife and two children. Bob enjoys spending time with his children, and the outdoors.

“We are excited to have Bob Terry as a part of the company team. His skills and experience are a great asset to the Wallwork Company,” said Paul Baker, Parts Operations Manager.

XL Specialized Trailers has designed a solution of hauling longer wind turbine blades with its new BladeMate Flip Extension.  The Flip Extension can be added to the rear of XL’s BladeMate trailer or any blade hauling trailer.  The final trailer length will depend on the model the flip extension is paired with.  For example, a 27-foot flip extension will take XL’s BladeMate to a length of 211 feet.  When moving an empty trailer, a driver can flip the Flip Extension up, retract the trailer, and have a 53-foot long return trip to reduce permit costs.  The rear bolster, at the end of the Flip Extension, offers a 20,000-pound capacity, making it suitable as the rear-loading platform for the common two-point load set-up.  The Flip Extension is secured with a lug and pin system, allowing the tail to be completely removed when not needed.















The Trailer Tail Automatic from Stemco Products is the newest version of its signature Trailer Tail.  It deploys automatically when the trailer reaches 35mph, eliminating the need for driver involvement.  It retracts on its own when the vehicle stops or goes into reverse, so drivers won’t have to leave the truck to close it before parking or backing into a dock.  Closing the Trailer Tail only when the vehicle comes to a full stop reduces the number of cycles the unit has to go through, minimizing component wear and tear.  Also, if the trailer loses power, the Trailer Tail will automatically close, allowing access to the cargo.  “Every trip is an opportunity for the Trailer Tail Automatic to deliver fuel savings.  We know that truck drivers have many responsibilities, and Trailer Tail Automatic eliminates the need for drivers to open or close the Trailer Tail,” said Prashanth Kamath, segment business leader for ITMS at Stemco.  “It also ensures that fleets realize an average of 5% fuel savings, and maintenance managers don’t have to deal with damage to Trailer Tail or dock doors due to drivers forgetting to close the Trailer Tail.”  The Trailer Tail Automatic receives speed and direction signals from Stemco’s wheel-mounted TracBat Aero speed sensor.  The TracBat is based on existing Stemco DataTrac and TracBat electronic hubodometers.

Kenworth is please to announce availability of the Hendrickson Primaax EX single-axle suspension for the T270 and T370 models.  The Primaax EX is available in an 8.5″ ride height for use with non-front drive axle configurations with Meritor RS23-160/161 and Dana S23-170/190 S26-190 series axles.  According to Hendrickson, Primaax EX delivers suspension technology for the rigorous demands of vocational severe-service and heavy haul applications.  The system features a robust structural design with optimized suspension geometry for exceptional stability, handling and ride.  Suspension-induced driveline vibration is significantly reduced with Primaax EX compared to trailing-arm suspensions, resulting in higher driver comfort and less premature wear on expensive truck and body equipment.

Kenworth is excited to offer the Dana Spicer S140 Series single-reduction, single-drive axle for the Kenworth T270 and T370 medium duty trucks.  The single drive axle family is composed of the S17-140, S20-140, and S21-140 axles for the T270 and T370 models.  The Axles are available with 16K thru 21K  lbs gross axle weight rating respectively.  The S140 series is designed to handle a wide range of applications and features broad ratio coverage from 3.31 to 6.50, allowing maximum performance across a variety of vocations.  The axles provide excellent durability and reliability with higher horsepower/torque engines due to high-capacity gearing and bearing systems.  To further reduce maintenance costs, the Spice S140 drive axle was engineered to use fewer parts and requires 9 fewer pints of lubricant than the P20060S axle.  The S140 axle also provides a weight savings of up to 85 lbs compared to the P20060S axle.