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The proprietary Kenworth AG400L tandem rear suspension in now standard equipment on the OEM’s T680 on-highway flagship truck.  The AG400L is rated at 40,000# and is compatible with disc brakes.  The 4-bag suspension is designed to be a cost-effective solution for over-the-road and delivery applications.  A trailer arm design can result in a smooth ride and the suspension is also easy to service, according to Kenworth.  “The AG400L provides the T680 driver with a comfortable and smooth ride,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director   “The suspension is also virtually maintenance free with few moving parts, and there are no periodic adjustments or lubrication required.”  Kenworth’s family of proprietary suspensions also include the Kenworth AG130 front air suspension, and the AG210, AG380, AG400, AG460 and AG690 rear suspensions.


Kenworth says it will make standard the Bendix ADB22X front and rear air disc brakes on its T680 on-highway tractor.  The Bendix ADB22X front air disc brakes have been standard for several years.  This announcement officially introduces rear air disc brakes as standard equipment.  Kenworth Marketing Director Kurt Swihart says the brakes exceed the federal government’s reduced stopping distance requirements for enhanced safety, offer extended brake change intervals, and provide weight reduction.  Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes offer a two-pin floating caliper design that provides consistent force distribution.  The design also reduces brake fade with no degradation of stopping power, according to Bendix.

The Kenworth T680 on-highway tractor is now standard with the Jost JSK37USB fifth wheel.  Jost fifth wheels offer a simple and safe design with only 4 moving parts.  The positive coupling design ensures a true connection, providing Kenworth drivers with the assurance of a safe coupling, according to an announcement.  Jost’s mechanism allows infinite adjustment versus notched adjustments.  Wear adjustment is maintained with a single adjustment screw.  The ability to perform maintenance and minor rebuilds on the Jost fifth wheel – without removing it from the chassis – assures owners of new Kenworth trucks lower cost of ownership with the Jost, now positioned as the standard offering for the T680.  The Jost has a low 60-lb pull release handle, making operation easier for drivers.  Jost offers a five-year warranty on all of its durable cast ductile iron top plates.  “We continue to add excellent products as standard equipment that further enhance the performance of the Kenworth T680.  The Jost fifth wheel provides safety, durability, ease of maintenance, low cost of ownership and weight savings that benefit our customers,” says Kurt Swihart, Kenworth Marketing Manager.

Kenworth is making Bendix’s advanced driver assistance system. Wingman Fusion, standard equipment for its T680 on-highway truck.  Bendix Wingman Fusion integrates radar, camera, the vehicle’s foundation brake system, and SafetyDirect by Bendix CVS into a comprehensive driver assistance system.  Built on the Bendix ESP full stability program, Wingman Fusion offers enhanced collision mitigation, land departure warning, stationary vehicle braking, and overspeed alert and action.  This combination typically enables the system to assess a situation faster and react earlier, alerting the driver and decreasing the vehicle’s speed by up to 40 percent more than Bendix Wingman Advanced, while also reducing instances of false alerts and false interventions, the company says.  Kenworth begin offering Bendix Wingman Fusion as an option on the T680 two years ago and Kenworth Marketing Direction Kurt Swihart says the system has been a popular choice among fleets and truck operators.  Fusion is also available as an option for the vocational Kenworth T880 and on the medium duty Kenworth T270 and T370 models.


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East Manufacturing, which provides aluminum flatbed, drop deck, dump and refuse trailers as well as truck bodies, has made the Truck-Lite 99 series wiring harness standard on all new East BST, BST II, MMX, and Narrow Neck flatbeds.  The Truck-Lite 99 series works as a closed system, thanks to integrating a molded plug with two sealing surfaces, rather than just one.  This two-seal plug keeps moisture and debris out of the plug, guarding against corrosion, according to East.  The 99 Series uses a clamp as the mounting bracket that wraps around the width of the plug to ensure that the connection is secure.  East points out that “typical harness clamps only wrap around the junction itself, so the wider clamp holds the joint more securely, resulting in a more reliable connection.”  In addition, Truck-Lite designed a trapezoid-shaped connection that makes installation quick and easy, and allows for proper pin alignment and a positive lock.  Also new from East is it’s Lightweight Tipper Trailer, which the company says is designed “to maximize payload and still provide the strength to handle the stresses of hauling refuse day in and day out in the harshest conditions.”  The tipper trailer has been reengineered to increase payload by removing 1,200 pounds of excess weight from the fifth wheel plate area, the suspension sub frame and the sides of the trailer body.  In addition, an aluminum bumper assembly replace a steel assembly.    The Lightweight Tipper Trailer still maintains its double-wall construction on its aerodynamic Genesis smooth-side design with advanced system of floor-to-wall attachment, East notes.  “The more aerodynamic design is easier to clean, and will not show any pings and dings on the outside like traditional external post walls,” the company states, “and the outboard Genesis design provides more capacity than traditional external post trailers.”


Kenworth has made the Predictive Cruise Control system standard on the flagship T680 as of July 1.  Predictive Cruise Control combines GPS with cruise control to optimize fuel efficiency on certain types of terrain.  The system uses topographical GPS data inputs to aid cruise speed efficiency.  For example, when a truck is going up a hill, Predictive Cruise Control allows the speed to drop slightly below the set speed to maximize momentum and save fuel.  “The T680 equipped with Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control system provides opportunities for enhanced driveability and fuel economy through the fine-tuning of the engine’s modulation of speed and torque over a variety of actual driving conditions,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.  The T680 comes standard with the proprietary Paccar Powertrain, which features the 12 speed Paccar transmission.  In addition to integration with predictive cruise control, the Paccar transmission provides predictive shifting, which optimizes gear shift selections based on vehicle weight, engine torque, throttle, and grade position.  Also, Predictive neutral coast used GPS to shift into neutral on downhill grades to further reduce engine RPM and fuel usage, while using gravity and momentum to propel the truck forward.


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Scott Gorder joined the Wallwork Companies 22 years ago. Scott’s first position was Controller of Wallwork Financial Corp in 1996, and soon after in 1998 he became a Lease and Finance Rep. In 2010 He transferred to WTC when he was promoted to Wallwork Truck Center Fargo Service Manager. He rose to Corporate Service Director overseeing 5 service managers and warranty staff in 2013. Scott was appointed General Manager for all 6 Wallwork Truck Centers in 2016.

Scott is a 1992 graduate of Concordia College with a degree in Accounting. Scott, his wife and 2 children make their home in Fargo.

“Scott’s skills and experience bring stability, expertise, and leadership to Wallwork Truck Center,” said Curry Quenette, Vice President.